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MSB Fire WiseDescriptionLink
MSB Fire WiseDescriptionLink
Alaska Forestry State of Alaska Div. of Forestry Burn Permit YOU MUST HAVE A BURN PERMIT TO BURN FROM APRIL1-AUGUST 31. 
Fire Wise Fire Wise Web Site 
Anchorage Wildfire Mitigation  City of Anchorage web site for wildfire mitigation 
Kenai Borough Spruce Bark Beetle Program Kenai's spruce bark beetle mitigation program. 
National Interagency Fire Center NIFC web site for national fire info. 
Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center web site. 
Brandlen Tree Care Wasilla tree removal service. 
Denali Tree Service Willow tree removal service. 
State Forestry Fire Managment Brochure Fire management brocure PDF (takes awhile to load) 
Driveway Clearance Diagram Driveway clearance diagram PDF 
Tree Removal Services without web sites The MSB has several vendors we use who do not have websites. Contact Abe Michele at 373-8823 for more information on the Cost Share vendors we use. Abe Michele Ph: 373-8823 
Wildfire Fuel Thinning Diagram Wildfire fuel thinning diagram PDF 
Shaded Fuel Break Diagram Shaded fule break diagram PDF 
Spruce Bark Beetle Brochure Spruce bark beetle brochure cooperative extension office article PDF 
Firewood Tips Firewood tips PDF 
Smokey Bear Activity Book Smokey Bear Activity Book - for Kids K-2 PDF 
Wildfires & Climate Change Article Wildfires & Climate Change Article PDF 
Red Cross Red Cross web site 
FEMA FEMA web site 
Homeland Security Wildfire Mitigation Homeland Security web site for wildfire mitigation 
MSB CWPP MSB Community Wildfire Protection Plan 
Horseshoe Lake CWPP Horseshoe Lake Community Wildfire Protection Plan 
Handbook for CWPP creation Handbook for Community Wildfire Protection Plan creation 
Completed Wildfire Fuel Reduction Projects 
Showing 24 items