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Free Wildfire Risk Rating

Call soon as the field season will end once snow is on the ground!

Appointments will resume in the spring once the snow is gone.


The Mat-Su Borough offers FREE Wildfire Risk Ratings to homeowners anywhere in the borough. From roof to foundation, porch to property lines, learn what you must do to reduce your wildfire vulnerability. The process starts with a call to 373-8823 to make an appointment. Staff work evenings and weekends to accommodate you.


Getting a Wildfire Risk Rating can help you focus on what is important first. Many people have been hesitant to call because they think they will be told to cut their trees down. This is not necessarily true. Many people don't want to call because they want to "clean-up" before the visit. Sometimes the clean up is not focused on the things that can put a home at risk. Call first and we will help you!


The COST SHARE Program may help you get trees which are hazardous wildfire fuels removed from around your home. The process starts with a Wildfire Risk Rating! Make the appointment, get the rating. During the appointment the staff member will determine if you have trees which qualify for Cost Share.

Beetle killed white spruce & black spruce qualify.

Trees which DO NOT QUALIFY are: birch, cottonwood, willow and alder.

The Cost Share Program allows a contractor to come cut down and remove marked trees. The contractors are "vendors" of the Mat-Su Borough. Contractors are paid up to $800 per job by the borough to remove flammable trees. If the identified trees result in a more expensive job, the homeowner must pay the contractor the amount over the first $800. That's the share part.

For more information, or to start with step one (wildfire risk rating appointment) call Michele at 373-8823.
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